How We Started

A testimony of  a veteran being healed of PTSD and combat injuries, and God starting Strength and Honor Ministries

Strength and Honor Ministries was started when David Bickford, an Army Infantryman who was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom was healed by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of PTSD, TBI and other physical combat injuries.  In this healing encounter, God imparted the Holy Spirit into David’s life in a tangible manner to empower Him in new purposes in life.  God formed Strength and Honor Ministries as a parent ministry that peer to peer ministries could operate within for the purpose of sharing Jesus Christ with the world and increasing relationship with the Holy Spirit so the Kingdom of God could be manifest on the earth.   In 2019, the ministry was formed into a non-profit in order to enable an expansion of its commission. 

Today the ministry serves its commissioning through evangelism, teaching, healing and prophetic ministries.  It operates Strength and Honor Healing Warriors, a peer to peer healing ministry for veterans, military and first responders.   We also operate Strength and Honor Prophetic Ministries, providing regular prophetic ministry through the website and for other ministries and organizations. 

We conduct international mission trips focused on visiting locations that have experienced war or conflict in the preceding decades in order to bring evangelism and healing to these regions and also to assist the poor, orphans and widows in these countries.

We seek partners who are interested in hosting teaching or healing events, conferences or seminars.  We seek to empower other organizations for greater works of the Kingdom of God.

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David Bickford

Senior Ministry Leader

To read or watch David's healing testimony click here.

David Bickford

Evangelism and Prophetic Ministry Leader

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